Photo Shoot for The Langham hotel in Shanghai

LOVA WEDDINGS was recently hired by the exclusive Langham Hotel in Xintiandi to supply wedding dresses for their upcoming wedding dress catalogue.  After a few meetings and careful consideration of the Langham style and design, they selected 4 dresses from LOVA's 2011,2012 and 2013 future collection to be photographed at the Langham Hotel.  The photographer for the shoot was Hong Kong based Australian photographer Andrew Loiterton - a wonderful photographer with attention to detail and a perfectionist all the way thru!  The team of make up artists, models, stylists, PR coordinator and Langham executive were all wonderful to work with. Here are some snap shots of our day. Enjoy!


This week we had our first fitting with a Yue-Sai in her red LOVA dress - to be worn on the red carpet of the Shanghai Film Festival in June.




At LOVA WEDDINGS we visit our factory partners on a weekly basis to ensure quality and design of our gowns.  It’s always an adventure and many great things to see and do while spending a day with our suppliers.


We ensure quality of our dresses by hand selecting everything from fabrics, laces, beadings as far down as the selection of ribbons, petit coats, linings or how far apart buttons are spaced on the back of a dress.


Our selected factories are used to our high standards and work closely with us to make every dress special.


Here’s a snap shot of this week’s visit and a behind the scenes view of a wedding dress factory.  Enjoy!



We visited a lace factory where they make the most beautiful lace.



Choosing the perfect lace for one of our dresses




Last weekend me and my fiance went to Hong Kong to buy our wedding bands. The trip was succesfull and now there are two little blue boxes waiting to be opened.


image description




This friday we visited the Shanghai Mart. Here you can find everything you might need to design and make clothes. We were searching for ribbons, but you can also find buttons, beautiful fabric, lace and cashmere.



A few weeks ago we had a photo shoot with the great photographer Victor at his studio here in Shanghai. We were shooting new pictures of LOVA WEDDINGS Ruffled scarves. The result of the photo shoot can soon be seen on our new website.

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