LOVA Ruffled Scarves on www.fab.com!

In two weeks exactly on June 8th (Save The Date!) the popular US site www.fab.com (fab for FABULOUS) is launching the LOVA Ruffled Scarf collection for a great 3 day sale!  At LOVA we are especially excited about this sale as there's quite the buzz about www.fab.com lately - just check them out in the recent issue of Forbes May 2012 magazine article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2012/05/02/from-gay-to-pay-how-fab-com-became-the-hottest-online-retailer/ - Any company aiming to be the next Amazon.com we want to party with!

When: June 8th for 3 days
What: LOVA Ruffled Scarves - 17 Colors!
News: Our hot off the press Ruby Red Scarf! Don't miss it, it's simply FAB!!

Lova Team




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